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The Stationers' Company
The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries



Our Vision

  • having achieved charitable status for the Hall, to continue an ambitious fundraising campaign to progress the Hall development programme, including the provision of greater public and step-free access to the Hall and the archive
  • whilst continuing to expand our education programme, to further assist the Stationers' Crown Woods Academy in developing its digital distinctiveness through its curriculum and media centre facilities and to support the academy with governance, mentoring and other activities to achieve academic excellence


Our Stakeholders and Partners

Our stakeholders, including our staff, members and partners, expect the Stationers' Company to:

  • provide the membership with a vibrant network and community related to the communications and content industries that continually adds value
  • uphold the traditions and heritage of a City of London livery company, including support for the Royal Marines
  • sustain a reputation for delivery and professionalism
  • maintain to a high standard the historical and structural integrity of our buildings, their contents and our archive
  • through the Court, the Master and Wardens' Committee, the Clerk and the other committees control the Company's overall strategy and management
  • through the work of the Stationers' Foundation and the Stationers' Hall Charity, facilitate the Company's charitable activities, including education, training, heritage and welfare


Key themes

  • continue to develop our reputation as an influential business forum for the communications and content industries through
    • roundtable technical and business-related events
    • industry studies
    • the Innovation Excellence Awards
    • the Stationers' Warrant scheme
    • the Annual Lecture
  • provide an annual programme of social and cultural events related to our traditions and heritage, with the purpose of providing opportunities for fellowship and greater membership participation
  • continue with a robust recruitment and retention programme for members, including corporate members, while seeking to improve the diversity of the membership in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, geography and industry sector
  • enhance our standing in championing education and training, with additional funding and support for
    • Stationers' Crown Woods Academy
    • Postgraduate bursaries
    • Saturday supplementary schools
    • Shine school media awards
    • Apprenticeship events and schemes


Strategic enablers

A sustainable, effective and efficient organisation

  • provide a sustainable environment with first-class facilities, including the provision of greater public and step-free access 
  • improve our internal and external communications in order to raise the Company's profile
  • value, support and develop our staff
  • inspire and motivate members to continue to participate in our committees

Financial sustainability

  • manage risk, costs and resources effectively
  • maximise the return on our investments and grow and diversify sources of profitable income to invest in our future
  • increase proceeds from fundraising to support our charitable activities and Hall development


Our Values

  • Inclusion – encouraging and welcoming a diverse and inclusive membership from all areas of the communications and content industries through the fellowship we promote.
  • Innovation – embracing new ideas and technologies, whilst celebrating our history and traditions.
  • Giving back – contributing to our training, mentoring and volunteering, and to our charitable causes.
  • Integrity – upholding the highest standards in our personal and professional lives.
  • Support of the City of London