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(From L-R: David Orr, Dynamic; Richard Sinclair, Euroffice; Jason Strange, Acco; Anita Glithero, Acco; Suzanne Tiernan , Durable; Sven Reimann, Sigel; The Master; Gareth McClay, Victor Stationery; Anna Kirk, Slightly Foxed; Mike James; Ian Buckley, Prima Software; Steve McLaughlin, Prima Software)

On Monday, 10 October, the Master awarded the following 8 companies with Product Warrants for 2017:


Dynamic for the Ergo Chair

(From L-R: David Orr and the Master)


Euroffice for the Office Power Concept for independent Office Product dealers

(From L-R: Richard Sinclair and the Master)


Acco for the Rexel Auto Feed Shredder

(From L-R: Jason Strange, the Master and Anita Glithero)


Durable for the Luctra Table Lamp

(From L-R: The Master and Suzanne Tiernan)


Sigel for the Artveum World Map Glass Board

(From L-R: Sven Reimann and the Master)


Victor Stationery for the Flexibound notebook, a renewed warrant for improved product

(From L-R: Gareth McClay and the Master)

DSC 0928

Slightly Foxed for the New concept in Publishing

(From L-R: Anna Kirk, Olivia Wilson and the Master)


Prima Software, a renewed warrant for improved product

(From L-R: Steve McLaughlin, the Master and Ian Buckley)

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