At the last Livery Committee Meeting, Gerald Hill, our Honorary Almoner, reported that the Company is currently supporting very few people in need. He would dearly like to see us help more people and asked that I promote his work and the financial assistance available from the Company's Welfare Fund. I would like to do this through this blog. Gerald does a fantastic job as Almoner and has been fastidious in communicating with and looking after members of the Company and their families who fall into need or illness. Our Welfare Fund is there to back up his work and he has a discretionary fund as well from which to provide emergency support.

In some ways we should be pleased that there are comparatively few people needing support. However I suspect that this may conceal a lack of awareness amongst members of the Company as to what support is available. To that end, I have added a section in the Foundation pages of this website to explain how the Welfare Fund works. You can access this by clicking here. If you feel that you would benefit from support from the fund, please don't be embarrassed to follow the procedure outlined. The process is entirely confidential and we desperately want to help where we can.

As the new section also makes clear, we would welcome suggestions from members about other members and their families or other people connected to our industries who may be in need. If you know of any such people, PLEASE contact Gerald Hill by email at

Please, let's make full use of the Welfare Fund and the wonderful services of our Honorary Almoner. It is a critical part of the work of a Livery Company and it's madness to have resources available and not to make use of them.

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