What a busy day! A Court Meeting at 9.30am, followed immediately by the Richard Johnson Service at St Bride's, then the Members' Lunch and finally a meeting of the RNIB Gala Event Organising Committee!


I won't say anything here about the Court Meeting as I don't want to steal Deborah Akers's thunder and I am sure that she will post a report on the meeting on her blog over the next few days.


I was pleased with the lunch despite my concerns at having to extend it into the Stock Room as well as the Hall. It wasn't an easy decision: the event was so popular that we reached the maximum number for the Hall some weeks ago and thus risked disappointing a large number of applicants. However by using the Stock Room we were able to avoid turning anyone away. That said, I am aware that those guests seated in the Stock Room may have felt slightly 'hard done by' and I would welcome feedback on the subject. I know that the limitations of the current AV system made it slightly hard for those in the Stock Room to hear the speeches. At least this will be addressed when we completely replace the AV system this August. It would be useful to know what members think in case we are faced with a similar dilemma the next time a lunch proves very popular.


On the RNIB Gala Dinner, arrangements are going well but my major concern is that the bidding on the 'Auction of Dreams' isn't as busy as we would have hoped. There are some fantastic prizes to be won and, at current bid levels, some unbelievable bargains to be had; all in a very good cause. So please visit the auction website (by clicking here) and place some bids. The process is very simple and it is a great opportunity to make someone's dream come true!

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