Here's something I have been meaning to pass on for weeks now!


A few weeks ago I had a drink with my very old friend, Francis Cave, who is a consultant in XML applications in commercial publishing. He mentioned to me that he has just become Secretary of the Printing Historical Society.


Apparently the Society, as part of their work in chronicling the increasingly rapid changes in the print and publishing industries, are trying to record the experiences of current and recently retired executives as they have experienced changes in the way they do or did their business. By recording these experiences now, the Society hopes to create a detailed history of how these industries have changed in our lifetimes. As someone who has enjoyed (sometimes) and suffered from (mostly) these changes, this strikes me as a jolly good idea.


Francis would welcome contributions to this process and it struck me that a number of members of the Stationers' Company might want to take part and also perhaps get more involved with the Society itself. If you would like to participate, please email Francis at It might be fun and it will be worthwhile.

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