I thought that members might like to know that the Company has featured in the press this week both in print and on the radio.


Yesterday BBC Radio 4 broadcast the second of bits three programmes to mark this year's 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. Part of the programme was set at Stationers' Hall where the three translation groups met to review the translations and agree the final version. The Hall and the Company got a good mention, although Jim Naughtie's interview with me was edited out!! You can access the programme on the BBC iPlayer here.


And this week's edition of 'Hello Magazine' (10 January 2011) contains a six-page spread on Kate Silverton's (the BBC journalist and news reader) wedding at Stationers' Hall just before Christmas with some good photos of her and her new hubby (a former Royal Marine) in the Hall. I am afraid that you can't really access this online so you will have to buy the issue to see the pictures. Sorry!

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