I am conscious of two important messages that I really ought to be getting across to members.


The first is a big apology for not having blogged for over a month. I am very sorry about this. It is a measure of how busy I have been organising events.


The second is a big thank you to everyone who has responded positively to my numerous appeals for attendees at the large number of dinners that we have held in the Hall in the past six weeks. I am afraid that the combination of the Livery Spring Dinner, the Charter Dinner and the KIng James Bible (KJB) Dinner all in the space of five weeks may have left many liverymen feeling that they have seen enough of the Company candelabra for a good many weeks to come! It was worse still for Court Assistants as they had to fit in a Court Spring Dinner as well!!


Actually all the events went really well and were highly enjoyable. We ended up with just over 80 for the Livery Spring Dinner, over 130 for the Charter Dinner and over 150 for the KJB event. So many, many thanks to those who made an extra effort to attend; I really do appreciate your support.


You will be pleased to know that I have learned my lesson from this and decided to abandon the Livery Spring Dinners in 2012 and 2013. In both these years the Livery Committee are planning special themed dinners (just like the KJB event) in the first half of the year: a 'Dickens' dinner in 2012 and a 'Kipling' event in 2013. So I am sure that these plus the Charter Dinner in May will be enough for most liverymen to cope with.



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