A couple of weeks ago we were privileged to host a visit from 15 school children from Pegasus School, a primary school from Blackbird Leys, a comparatively deprived suburb of Oxford. They had been learning about the King James Bible and had heard that we had an original copy on display in Stationers' Hall. So they came up in a minibus to have a look at the three ancient bibles we have on display and then went on to St Paul's Cathedral, where the Dean had very kindly given his permission for them to visit for free. I have just received some wonderful thank-you letters from the children and their head teacher and I thought that I would share a sample with you.


Here is one of the letters I received.




Jill Hudson, their Head Teacher, wrote:


'This is a visit that will have touched the children in a profound way. They have glimpsed how many people treasure our country's history and culture and value traditions that are centuries old. They have been able to experience that sense of intrinsic joy one gains from learning . . . These are experiences that so few in my school have as a normal part of their childhood and the limitations that this places on their future are immense. Your support of our school in arranging and leading this visit will have an impact long after the details of the trip have faded. Experiences such as this can truly transform lives and I thank you most profoundly for your help.'


It is so pleasing to see that the 400th anniversary of the KIng James Bible, and our celebration of the part that the Stationers' Company played in its publication, will have had an impact more widely than just amongst our own membership. How lucky we are to be able to share our wonderful history and heritage!


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