How sad it is that I am writing my first blog of 2012 the day before the end of February! To those of you that regularly check this page of the website, and I know that this includes my predecessor (!), I must apologise for this oversight. I will do better, I promise!


And it is even sadder that my first blog consists of some blatant name dropping - typical of me, I guess many of you will be thinking. However I thought that members would be interested to know that Stationers' Hall last week hosted some major celebs.


On Monday we hosted, for the first time since I have been Clerk, a fashion show as part of London Fashion Week. The designer was Giles Deakin, of whom needless to say I had never heard, although Sally and the kids were raving about him and were furious with me for not giving them advance notice of the event. In fact he turned out to be a really nice chap and very kindly asked me and Susana if we would like to watch the show. And what a performance it was, taking almost a day and a half to set up for a ten minute show! Giles loved the Hall and was very enthusaistic about using it again. It was absolutely packed for the show and there were a number of 'fashionistas' in the audience, including Kelly Brook and Peaches Geldof. Of course neither meant anything to me, again to the intense frustration of my children, especially my son. But I was pleased to chat to Sasha Wilkins, who is the god-daughter of Past Master John Waterlow and who has visted the Hall before. She is a well-known fashion journalist and keen 'tweeter' and she loves the Stationers' Company. There was a report on the event in Vogue which you can see by clicking here.


Then on Wednesday, at the Cakes and Ale lunch, John Inverdale, the BBC sports commentator, and his wife were guests as their daughter sings in the Reed's School choir, who were very kindly singing at our Ash Wednesday service. John has been to the Hall once before but was captivated by the tradition of 1612 John Norton bequest and expressed a lot of interest in joining the Company, something that I will follow up immediately. It would be great to get another BBC journalist into the membership.


I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that we have a new Livery Representative in Gerald Hill and he has just posted his first blog. You can read this by clicking here. Gerald is determined to really make something of the role of Livery Rep and I would ask you PLEASE to help him by reading his regular blogs, commenting on them and contacting him with any feedback, positive or negative, about the Company.


To reflect Gerald's recent appointment as Livery Rep and his first blog, we have revamped the two blog sites with new photographs (see above!) and with a new system of letting all members know by email as soon as a new entry on either blog is posted. I hope that this will prompt more members to read both blogs and make use of the information within them. But most of all, I really hope that you will enjoy them!


Happy days!




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