Soon after I started as Clerk a couple of years ago, the Clerk of one of the richer Livery Companies once said to me: "oh, we send all the footballers' wives to Stationers' Hall"!

At the time I dismissed this cynicism, especially as commercial lettings are very important to us as a Company, and weddings in particular.

So you can imagine my amusement to watch the latest episode of 'Don't Tell The Bride' on BBC Channel 3 yesterday evening which features 'fun-loving Essex girl Nikki Bacon giving full control of her wedding to historical-loving Nathan Bones'!! And where else should 'historical-loving' Nathan choose for the wedding of his dreams - but Stationers' Hall!

Now firstly, and most importantly, before you wonder what this 'work-loving Oxfordshire Clerk' was doing watching this extraordinary programme in the first place, let me make it quite clear that I was tipped off in advance!!

However, I was delighted to see how well the Hall comes across in the programme and, indeed, how pleased Nikki was with Nathan's choice. Our nervousness in agreeing to let the BBC film the show at the Hall (they paid, by the way) was quite unnecessary and I am hopeful that the programme will generate even more interest in the Hall as a magical wedding venue.

So, if you want a good laugh and to see Stationers' Hall looking spectacular, take a look at the programme by clicking here. Just a word of warning: you will have to excuse Nathan's most strange choice of dress for the occasion. Whatever regiment he thought he was in certainly isn't part of the British Army!

Happy watching - oh, and well done to Ron Duncan and his team for keeping straight faces throughout the 'performance'!

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