Here is the full text of a letter received from SCWA about the table tennis tables which the Foundation funded.  

The photos and the quotations show just how successful this provision has been and it is wonderful to see and read of such pleasure being derived from this equipment ..... and one or two competitive streaks being satisfied!  

Dear Stationers,

We are writing to you on behalf of all the students in Ashdown, Delamere and Sherwood School to thank you for your very kind donation of six table tennis tables. The pupils are delighted with the tables and as a result we all feel that the provision for pupils at breaktime and lunchtime has been significantly enhanced. We are delighted to see pupils of different ages and genders playing together in such a positive manner. The tables promote a really good mini school ethos and we are thankful. Please find enclosed a few pictures of the pupils from the three home schools’ enjoying the tables and below are a few comments from pupils across the academy:

“I love Table Tennis and I have already got better since the tables arrived around 6 weeks ago” (Year 7 Ashdown Pupil)

“We love having the table tennis tables in Sherwood and we are planning to organise a tournament in September for the new Year 7 pupils” (Year 10 Sherwood Pupils)

“Break and Lunch has been massively improved by these tables, we love them!” (Year 9 Delamere Pupil)

Sherwood TT2 copy

“It’s great that pupils from all year groups can come together to play” (Year 9 Ashdown Pupil)

TT 3

“I beat Mr Ball and Mr Royston at Table Tennis today……..I’m over the moon!! (Year 9 Sherwood Pupil)

TT photo 1

Your Sincerely

Mr Steffan Ball

Head of Sherwood School

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