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A Message from Mike Hancock, Chairman of the Stationers' Company's Environment Group

Passport_Mike_HancockThe role and responsibility of business concerning environmental and sustainability issues is increasingly coming under scrutiny and debate. There are many forces at work. We are experiencing more sophisticated stakeholder engagement, and a proliferation of regulations, codes and standards. There is growing government interest and action. More accountability is being sought through the value chain to encourage companies to work closer together. It is against this background the Stationers’ Company decided to form an Environment Committee, tasked with organising an ongoing programme of events and activities focusing on environmental and sustainability issues.

The Committee felt it was important for young people to be fully informed on environmental issues, particularly in our own industry sectors, and the actions being taken to ensure that any development that meets current needs does so without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. To this end, an annual schools lecture will be organised together with an associated, interactive industry exhibition. It will be for 13 -16 year old students and will cover topics which compliment the national curriculum. An important aim will be to demonstrate how our own industries are taking steps to make themselves sustainable, thereby providing attractive career prospects.

We require a major sponsor for this schools lecture programme, and would be very interested to hear from any company who would liked to be closely linked to this activity. The first lecture topic under consideration is ‘The Sustainable Forest’, to be held in 2013.

The Stationers’ Foundation currently offers ten bursaries to post-graduate students on specific Masters courses. Successful students each receive a bursary of £6,000 and mentoring during their studies. It is our aim to extend this scheme to include courses covering environmental/sustainability topics pertinent to our industry sectors. We know that these courses exist, and our target is to provide two bursaries in 2013. Our challenge is to raise the £12,000 to finance these students through the Foundation scheme.

The third strand to the Environment Committee’s programme is to hold an annual discussion event following the usual format of Industry Group round-table events. Topics will cover science, industry issues and policy.

The next event is scheduled for Monday, 12 January 2015. 

I believe the Stationers’ Company is in a unique position to provide its Members with an independent forum to showcase, debate and discuss environment and sustainability issues across all our industry sectors. I would be very pleased to hear from any Member who would like to contribute to the planned programme. Click here to email me.


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