Hiring Stationers’ Hall

Below is an interactive floor plan of the entire venue indicating all the rooms available for hire together with their proximity to the Garden. You can find out room capacities, available seating plans and view images of each room.

To arrange a tour of our Hall and Garden or to make an enquiry please contact Kerry Pedrick, Tel: 020 7246 0999, E-mail: marketing@stationers.org alternatively use our enquiry form below...


Situated at the top of a short flight of stairs en route to the Stock Room and Great Hall, the Crush Landing is steeped in history. Around the walls are portraits of members of the Company who have served as Lord Mayor of London and a portrait of Luke Hansard, printer to the House of Commons.

A scale model of the Company's last barge is displayed in a showcase on the stairs. This was given to the Company by Victor B. Harrison, Master 1947-8. Many of the City companies owned a barge; they were used in the procession on Lord Mayor's day which was held on the Thames. This ended in 1856 and the Company sold its barge, which was used as a house-boat by one of the Oxford colleges for many years.

The Crush Landing is an ideal location for receiving guests or a small drinks receptions prior to a main event.

Thank you all so much for delivering such an excellent lunch. Your style and professionalism more than matched this royal event.

- Royal Marines

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