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The Hall was full and buzzing last night as members and their guests eagerly awaited two presentations relating to the Stationers' Archive and Company history.  In the Court Room there was an exhibition of material from the Archive relating to early English newspapers, the career of John Walter II and the amalgamation of the the Stationers with the Worshipful Company of Newspaper Makers (see photo below). 

DSC 0183


Our Archivist Dr Ruth Frendo then spoke about the importance of the decisions made to keep or not keep certain artifacts and of the symbolic (if futile) destruction of material (the burning of books not approved of, or even no longer approved of by the monarch) to give an impression of power.  Ruth also pointed out how seemingly ordinary documents could cast a powerful light on what was really going in in society and all those attending were relieved to hear that Mary Ann Booth was granted her late husband's pension from the Company because it really was for her the difference between a life and a poverty so harsh as to be hardly a life at all.

The second presentation was from Past Master Christopher McKane who spoke about the "The Making of The Thunderer": the early years of the Times.  It was especially interesting to have in the Hall a portrait of John Walter I from archive of the Times.  It sat on the stage alongside the portrait of John Walter II which the Company has on loan from the Times Archives and which usually hangs in the Court Room.  (See photo below). 

GF IMG 2913

Past Master McKane spoke from a position of deep knowledge and obvious passion and anyone who caught the John Walter bug at the event will be interested in the forthcoming book!  Click here for details. 

Our thanks go to the Library and Archive committee and to Liveryman Dr Gordon Johnson especially for putting the evening together and to the Times Archive for the loan of the John Walter portraits.


At the Master and Wardens’ meeting today, Monday 15 April, the Master made five people free of the Company.  They were, from L-R in the photo:-

Simon Baldry,Director,Identibadge
David Carroll, Founder and Coach, Coaching for Clarity and Performance
Clive Rodgers, Marketing Consultant, Rodgers Consultancy Specialists Ltd
Sarah Hodgson, Senior Editor, Adam Matthew Digital Ltd
John Yates, New Ventures Director/Group Director ILM, City and Guilds of London Institute

We look forward to welcoming them into Company life and to seeing them at the Hall again before too long.

Past Master Christopher McKane’s book The Thunderer - The Life and Times of John Walter II  will be published in October 2019 by Phillimore Book Publishing – full details here. Produced to a high standard, with over 400 pages and colour and monochrome illustrations, many from The Times and Stationers’ Company archives, its recommended retail price is £40. However, for those responding to this offer, there is a special ­pre-publication price of £25 valid until 31 May 2019.  To take advantage of this offer Members should login and click here to access the offer in the Members’ Only area of this website.


Members will be interested to learn of a course being taught by Professor Ian Gadd (who has spoken at the Hall a number of times ) on The Stationers’ Company to 1775 part of a programme on the history of manuscript, print, and digital materials.  The course runs from  2–7 June at the University of Pennsylvania’s Kislak Center for Special Collections, Rare Books and Manuscripts in Philadelphia.  For full more details and access to the brochure click here.



Mike Mote - 1st Prize

Geoffrey Baker - 2nd Prize

Robin Smeeton - 3rd Prize

Patricia Harman - 4th Prize

Nigel Wass - 5th Prize



Stephen Enthoven - 1st Prize

Geraldine Allison - 2nd Prize

Toby Marchant - 3rd Prize

Sir Ray Tindle - 4th Prize

Mark Rodgers - 5th Prize



Jessica Bourne - 1st Prize

Trevor Mayor - 2nd Prize

Dennis Taylor - 3rd Prize

Lady Phyllis Elwes - 4th Prize

Robert Williams - 5th Prize

The Master, David Allan, attended the Pearson’s Celebration of Success on March 8th as part of the National Apprenticeship Week celebrations at their Fleet Street offices. He presented to Susan Holding of Pearson the award for “Most Supportive Line Manager” to underline the importance the Company puts on apprenticeships. Pearson are a Corporate member of the Company and at a ceremony recently, at the Hall, Ned Coomes who has been working within the Pearson’s apprenticeship scheme was apprenticed to Court Assistant Kit van Tulleken, to illustrate the close working relationship and close ties between us.

At the Court Meeting today the Master bound over two apprentices, made two people free of the Company and Cloathed three new Liverymen.

Being bound as an apprentice publisher to Court Assistant Kit van Tulleken was Ned Coomes (on the right in the photo below) , a Senior Media Producer  of Pearson and as an apprentice book binder to Court Assistant Robert Flather, Laura Hollingworth (on the left in the photo below) who is training at the  Royal Bindery.

DSC 0108

Thanks to the scheduling of the scheme and the Company's diary, Ned (on the right on the photo below) was made Free remarkably quickly in a Freedom Ceremony with Anne Ashworth, (on the right in the photo below) Head of Employee Apprenticeships, also of Pearson.

DSC 0112

Finally Tony Ash, (Left in photo below) Commercial Director of GoPak, Jackie Morgan (centre in photo below)  an independent Consultant, Writer and Editor and Rupert Knowles (right in photo below), Senior Solution Consultant of Piano were all cloathed in the Livery of the Company.

DSC 0120

In the main photo at the top of the page you can see, from left to right: Anne Ashworth, Ned Coomes, Jackie Morgan, Laura Hollingworth, Rupert Knowles and Tony Ash.


Liveryman Robert McClements writes:

In the photo you can see from left to right Freeman Mark Schofield, Liveryman John Buffoni, Liveryman Michael Gardner and Freeman Richard Walker - just some of the Northern Stationers at their April Committee meeting in the salubrious surroundings of the Drivers’ Club at Bowcliffe Hall. There’s an open invitation if you’d like to join them at 9.30 for a breakfast meeting Monday 8 July. Please contact Robert McClements 0785 5959372.

On 25 March Freeman Simon Fox, CEO of Reach Plc (seen in the main picture with the Master) delivered the Stationers' Annual Lecture. He took as his theme The Power of Print and (having wowed his audience with a very impressive magic trick which involved shredding a newspaper before shaking the torn shreds and revealing an unshredded newspaper!) he developed the argument that, although print-based businesses faced continuing challenges in the face of the digital onslaught,  there was 

Fox delivers Lecture

room for both print and online services especially where the delivery of news was concerned.

At the Master and Wardens' meeting on 18 March 2019 the Master made twelve people Free of the Company.  They were from left to right in the photo:-  

Mike Kerr - Writer and Creative Director, A J M Kerr
Lindsey Pearson- Managing Director, Whitmar Publications Ltd
David Phillips - Operations Director, Paragon
George Cattle - E T F Analyst, Bloomberg LP
Mark Fox - Deputy Chairman, Reaction Digital Media
Gurdev Singh - Managing Director, Northwolds Printers
Orson Francescone - Director of Events, Haymarket Media Group Ltd
Hermione Ireland - Marketing Director (Acting), Hachette UK
Geoff Jenkins - Managing Director, Domarn Ltd
Antony Cooper - Founder/Director, Firefly Digital
Jonathan Ishee - Partner, Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease LLP
Peter Thomas - CEO, Thomas Crouch Developments Ltd

We offer our congratulations to them all and look forward to seeing them at Company events very soon.

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