After a wonderful brunch of pancakes in the office, provided by Chester Boyd, the Clerk and the Communications Manager set off to Guildhall to support the Master and Paddy Belton (representing the Young Stationers) in a pancake race. This annual event is overseen by the Worshipful Company of Poulters and takes place in the courtyard of Guildhall. At the start of the proceedings a list of competing livery companies and organisations was read out. For some reason the Tax Advisers got an especially rousing welcome! Our Master was in the first heat and Paddy in the second which he won! Having heard the list of competitors your photographer decided, having got the snaps above (and given the temperature, it was sunny but bitterly cold), to retreat to Stationers' Hall and post this despatch. No doubt the race results will become available in due course and we will let you know how the Stationers' pancake racers did overall. In the image above you can see from right to left the Master and Paddy, the Master practising flipping his pancake before the race, Paddy waiting for his race to start and Paddy running so fast that he was almost out of shot before the camera could take the snap!

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