This is a fascinating exhibition at the British Museum which mixes mummies most ancient with technology most 21st century! By subjecting the mummies to ct scans the archaeologists have been

able to determine so much more than when the only thing they could do was unwrap the mummy, a process which disturbed the placement of amulets and charms wrapped up with the corpse. On display were eight mummies and alongside them screens showing the images of the scans.  The scans had been made into films which show the revealing of the mummy and then it being encased again - complete with amulets. Why is this of interest to the Stationers' Company? Because they have then used those scan images to 3D-print the amulets and pretty amazing they are. In the image above you can see from left to right a falcon which is the symbol of renewal of life, the winged scarab which represents the sun god and again represents new life and a plate showing the eye of Horus which is placed over the incision from which the internal organs were removed.  It was believed that the eye of Horus would heal the wound.  While the debate may rage about whether 3D printing is really printing or rather a form of manufacture, without it we might never have known how beautiful these objects are.

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