There were only two people to make free of the Company this morning; Peter Blayney who wrote the two volume work The Stationers' Company and the Printers of London, 1501-1557  (click here to buy) and who had travelled all the way from Canada with his wife Leslie Thomson for the Freedom Ceremony and Pete Smith who is Marketing Manager at Xerox, a recently returned  Corporate Member.  They both plan to be very active members of the Company so do look out for them at events.  Peter Blayney will be matching his research trips to the UK with events at the Hall and has managed to make this one cover his Freedom Ceremony and the Archive Evening next week (click here for details) and, since Xerox renewed their Corporate Membership, Pete Smith has been  giving wholehearted support to events by coming and bringing lots of colleagues with him. It is good to know that he is now a member in his own right.   In the photo you can see Pete Smith on the left and Peter Blayney on the right.  

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