Members will be happy to know that the Packaging Drivers - from now until 2025 event which was held this morning was a great success. The Master set the scene for the discussion at the beginning of the event and we had great guest speakers including the senior principal of Pöyry Management, David Powlson.


(From left to right: Three course lunch, the Master opening the event)

Other guest speakers included Director of Packaging Affairs at the Confederation of Paper Industries (CPI), Andy Barnetson, Director of Delphi Projects Ltd, Bob Latham, SVP Strategy and Business Intelligience of the Stora Enso Consumer Board, Caroline Nilsson and Director of the European Flexographic Industry Association, Debbie Waldron-Hoines. The panel discussion was followed by questions from the floor and a delightful three course meal.



(From left to right: David Powlson's presentation, the table set-up)

The master is very keen to hold more events related to the packaging sector in coming years! For more information on the report and how to purchase it please click here.

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