More than 100 Foundationers and their partners gathered at Stationers’ Hall on 18 April where the Chairman of the Fundraising Committee, Court Assistant, David Allan and the Master thanked all Foundationers for the support they had given the Company and the Foundation in response to the Education Appeal.

The total amount raised to date is £402K a very commendable achievement although still just under £98K short of the £500K target.  Both David and the Master mentioned when addressing those present the real difference that Foundationers efforts have made to young and not so young peoples lives including the Civitas Stationers Saturday Schools, bursary winners, The Wilshire Barn Project and the Stationers Crown Woods Academy.

The Academy’s Head Master, Michael Murphy, spoke of his pride in the connection between the Company and the Academy and the opportunities that have arisen as a result of not only the financial assistance from the Company but also the time from Liverymen and Freemen spent mentoring in careers advice and work experience.

All Foundationers present were given ties and brooches as appropriate as a great time was had by all.

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