Court Assistant Tony Mash Reports:

"It often takes a DMG event, such as the one presented on June 6th, to remind us that the world around us is changing very fast, and that companies have to move with the times to keep up.

How do older generations cope with an incoming generation to the workforce that on average speaks on the phone for 14 minutes per month but over the same time period issues or receives 5000 text messages? As new generations enter the workforce, they bring with them their own ideas and expectations which, if not met, can lead to reduced organisational efficiency and costly employment ‘churn’.

Three experts - Andrew Mawson, (Managing Director of AWA Associates), Chas Moloney (Marketing Director of Ricoh UK) and Tamara Littleton, Founder & CEO of eModeration - were chosen by Gordon Christiansen and shared a number of office truths. Firstly, more information was processed in 2015 than the preceding 2000 years combined. Systems, work habits and office designs have to accommodate this data explosion otherwise they will not survive. Secondly, as new generations join the workforce, they are ever more IT literate and expect to see such systems readily available within the companies for whom they work and in which they socialise; for example, GenX (those born between 1977 and 1994) uses email, whereas GenZ (those born between 1995 and 2012) uses WhatsApp. The current mantra is the search for ‘Unified Collaborative Platforms’.

We were advised that in order to design an effective business environment, it is necessary to identify firstly the business culture which will interface most effectively with its customer base, then design an organisational structure and process that suits the kinds of people needed within the organisation, and finally think about the design of the digital information systems and software which will support the company.

Offices these days can be virtual and there is plenty of software available to ensure effective communications and data processing to support employees that live and work far apart from one another. Given the fluid nature of work flows and locations, office space has to be designed to be flexible and also encourage communication and discussions within and across work teams and boundaries. The intimidating world of the ‘hot desk; with its implications of a sweat shop is to be avoided.

Our speakers addressed the issues of office design, working practices and use of technology from positions of considerable experience in the field and not only flagged up the essentiality for change to meet the demands of today’s business environment and workforce, but also the need to anticipate future developments and employee expectations and skills.

The final message of the evening was that the Company that is able to successfully combine the wisdom of the old with the IT literacy of the young will do very well. That is a real win-win!"


To download the presentations from this event please click on one of the below links (Please note that the links will expire by 20 June, 2016) :

Ricoh - by Marketing Director Chas Moloney 

AWA - by Founding Director, Andrew Mawson

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