As is traditional on the first Tuesday in July  the Company met yesterday for Common Hall where all the reports of the preceding year's activities, including the accounts, are perused and questions asked. The Court then met to elect the new Master, Ian Bennett, who was duly installed along with Nick Steidl as Upper Warden and David Allan as Under Warden.

The ceremonial donning of gowns and badges was undertaken with oaths and declarations and all those who witnessed it will agree that the ceremony on 5 July had all the usual colour and yet solemnity and was followed by a great party!

Obviously there were many expressions of gratitude for the work undertaken by the departing Master now called the Immediate Past Master but it was a day which also saw the end of a year's service by the four Renter Wardens who gently ensure that members of the Company are where they are supposed to be during events.  Whether marshaling attendees  - in the Stock Room for a reception, in the Court Room for a dinner or in the Hall to hear a speaker this band of four ensures that events move through their agenda smoothly.  They run up and down providing microphones for question and answer sessions and they "guard" the Court Room for Court meetings to ensure no unseemly intrusions!   The 

Barry Sarah Elaine Robert cropped

Renter Wardens for 2015-2016 were (from L-R in the photo above) Barry Jones, Sarah Mahurter, Elaine Pooke and Robert Bond.  The Company is very grateful for all they have done during their year and no doubt they are looking forward to attending events without having to turn out for a briefing beforehand!

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