Deborah Rea writes: Last week saw the IPG Spring Conference occupy Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire and once again those who are independently minded and associated with the publishing of books flocked to it. The conference takes the form of major presentations interspersed with smaller workshops on a variety of useful topics.

Stand out sessions this year included a really inspirational talk from Terence Mauri, author of The Leader’s Mindset on innovation focusing on how to get more out of one’s company, staff, product, etc. There was also a panel session with four book retailers addressing the topic of ‘What Retailers Want’.  It was fascinating because they all addressed the same topic but quite differently! Even where they touched on the same subject, eg Representatives, they each seemed to want quite different services from the publishing company sales reps.  Of particular interest to Stationers was that David Prescott of Blackwell’s actually quoted from Sir Basil Blackwell’s 1931 J M Dent Memorial Lecture given at Stationers’ Hall! I feel a trip to the archives coming on to find out more about that lecture.  In the picture you can (just!) see from left to right:   James Daunt of Waterstones, Andy Rossiter of Rossiter Books, David Graham (Chair) of Pavilion Books, Justin Adams of Connect Books and David Prescott of Blackwell’s.

The workshop on Websites that Work was useful, with one or two tips we can use on our website, and so was the one on Brilliant Publicity on a Budget although it is perfectly obvious that while the suggestions might not have required huge amounts of publicity budget somewhere there was someone spending a lot of time to effect all this cheap publicity, time which was presumably covered by a salary! 

All in all it was another conference triumph from the IPG and it was good to see so many Stationers there.

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