At the Charter Dinner, as happens each year, the Paper Industry Gold Medal was presented to someone who is at the heart of the Paper Industry. This year is was awarded to Liveryman Martyn Eustace of Two Sides for his unrelenting work on behalf of paper. The Under Warden (pictured below) read out the following citation.

Charter Dinner 2017 239

"Martyn will already be known to many of you for his work on the Two Sides Initiative that has done so much to both raise the positive profile of paper and promote our industry, challenging falsehoods and positioning paper as a high-quality, sustainable medium for communication and many, many other applications.

Martyn was the driving force in establishing the Two Side Initiative and it has been extremely successful over the last 10 years or so.  In many ways, the success of Two Sides has been down to his extraordinary perception, diligence and true commitment to the cause.  He has a highly developed sense of what will work and how to work with peoples of different countries, cultures and levels, epitomised by the internationalisation of Two Sides and the contribution to the reputation of the British paper trade.

During this time, Martyn has confronted paper’s critics and the ‘greenwashers’ with hard facts and his passion for paper has greatly improved the industry's environmental image.

As a Champion of Paper and all that it can be, it would be difficult to think of an individual who has done more to further the interests of the paper or of someone who better deserves to receive the prestigious Paper Industry Gold Medal and the recognition that this bestows upon the recipient."  The Master made the presentation as seen in the photo at the head of this page.

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