Sadiyah Mir, Assistant Director Civitas Schools writes of their recent amazing trip which was supported so generously by Gerald and Marian Hill:

On the 13th May, five Civitas Schools teachers and twenty children from the Somers Town Stationers' School arrived at their local community centre ready for an adventure! 

Geared up in high-vis jackets, with back packs full of snacks, they boarded the coach and began their

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journey to the land of Far Far Away. They alighted at Shrek's Adventure, where they met Gerald and Marian Hill, and together they all boarded another bus, this one being ‘magical’ and set in front of a stunning 4D cinema screen. They flew through the skies, escorted by familiar animated heroes, and soared above seas and mountains, taking in the most magnificent sights. 

Unfortunately, calamity ensued when the bus was surrounded by Rumplestiltskin's witches resulting in the death of Griselda!  With their bus damaged in the accident, the children, accompanied by the adults, had to set off on a series of quests in order to return to London. They met princesses, visited a fortune teller, collected ingredients to conjure up a spell and navigated their way out of a maze of mirrors! 

All the while Rumpelstiltskin was hot on their tails, until finally, one of his witches cast a spell over the magical portal home and transported the children into a trap!


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With the help of Shrek, and the children's mighty voices, the children managed to break free from the witch's cell, escaping through a tube tunnel back to the safety of Shrek's Adventure in London.

The children, and teachers, thoroughly enjoyed the tour; running from room to room, engaging with actors and undertaking various tasks. Screams of delight, squeals of excitement and lots of laughter

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could be heard from every member of the group- adults and children alike! We all took lunch under the London Eye on the Southbank before boarding the final bus of the day to head home. It truly was a memorable experience for everyone that went!

We'd like to thank our generous sponsors, Gerald and Marian Hill, for enabling the children to have such an experience. It was both an unforgettable and beneficial day out; what better way to learn about fairy tales than to live through one for a while?

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