Earlier this year the Horners’ Company invited participants from fellow Livery Companies to its annual 'Bucks and Does' clay pigeon day in aid of the Lord Mayor's Big Curry Lunch Charity the ABF (Army Benevolent Fund) and we were delighted when two relatively recent Freemen, Bev Steele and Phil Elder volunteered to represent the Stationers' Company at the event on 25 September.

Bev reports on the day as follows: “ Phil Elder and I “rocked up” as the Service parlance has it (I understand) to the Bisley Shooting Ground clubhouse on 25th September, a day which, weather-wise, was probably about as ideal as could be for breaking clay pigeons; ie.,somewhat dull but mercifully dry.  After tea and coffee and finger food, all very good, we were given our brief and squared off into teams of four with our Instructor. Phil and I as Stationers were in Splendid Isolation ie., the only Stationers present but were determined to do what we could.  In the event we managed respectable scores though, in truth, were not among the stars!  Lunch was very convivial.

My memories of the day are the slickness of the organisation, the friendliness of the competitors, both Horners and others and it was especially good to meet a contingent of serving RAF personnel including pilots and ground staff from Odiham and Brise Norton. They were grand company. Phil and I thank the Horner’s for making us so welcome….a very good day indeed”

Bev and Phil obviously had a great day.  If you play golf, tennis, croquet, real tennis, or bridge; if you fish, swim, ski or shoot and would like to take part in Inter-Livery events do please let Deborah Rea know on communications@stationers.org and she will make a note on the database.

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