On Monday, 22 January the Stationers' Company welcomed senior executives from 14 Trade Associations in the Communications and Content Industry to the annual TA Winter Event. This year we were fortunate to have Liveryman Lord David Triesman as the speaker and he addressed the issue of what might come to pass if there were another general election. There were gasps of horror/enthusiasm (depending on outlook) as Lord Triesman revealed that if the parliamentary arithmetic failed to add up for the current government we could be in for an election as soon as June. There was then some discussion and another possibility emerged, ie shortly after  Brexit in March 2019.

Various key policies were mentioned but much of the debate focused on where the real leadership of the country could be found. The consensus was that for the future it was to be found two or three layers further down the hierarchies of both major parties.

The delegates each reported on a burning issue for their organisation and members and obviously various aspects of any Brexit deal came top of the pile for several of them but how to fund traditional publishing platforms when advertising was going to the technological giants and the misinformation in circulation about superfluous packaging (especially of the plastic variety) also featured. It was a very interesting session and attendees were pleased to carry on their discussions over lunch. 

In the photo you can see from left to right: Ellen Daniels - Head of Public Affairs and Policy of BCF, Sarah Faulder - CEO of PLS, Sidney Bobb (hidden) - Chairman of BAPC, Bettine Pellant - CEO of PICON, Tim Webb - TA Liaison for the Stationers Company, Martyn Eustace - Director of Two Sides, the Master, Lord David Triesman, Charles Jarrold - Chief Executive of BPIF, Lynne Anderson - Communications & Marketing Director of the News Media Association, Izzy Kerr - Head of Membership and Services of AOP, Eela Devani- Strategy and Digital Director of CLA, Philip Lawson - CEO of BOSS, Dick Searle -  Chief Executive of the Packaging Federation, Tim Godfray - Chief Executive of the Booksellers Association, Debbie Waldron-Hoines - Director of EFIA and John Uwins - Acting Director of the PBA. 

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