The Court Room looked splendid in candlelight last evening.  It was set up for the annual CEOs' Dinner at which the Company welcomes the CEOs' and other senior members of their teams to a Dinner hosted by the Master and with a speaker.  Last evening we welcomed representatives from Banner,

VOW, the EO Group, Pöyry, Sage, Xerox, Heidelberg, Sun Chemical, Nectere, Premier Paper and Publishers' Licensing Services.  The speaker was Anton Mosimann OBE who regaled the gathering 

Anton Cropped

with tales from his long career and experiences as an absolutely top chef. Attendees, many of whom seemed to be avid consumers of TV's many cookery programmes, were intrigued to hear that Anton has a strict rule for his kitchens; no shouting!   

Photos by Giles Fagan

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