At the Court meeting on Tuesday 3 April the Master not only chaired a meeting with a very full agenda but went on to oversee three very important ceremonies.

At the April Court meeting each year the Court has to re-elect the Clerk.  Having removed himself from the room there is a slightly nervy few minutes for the Clerk while the Court decides what to do!  The Beadle then takes the Clerk back into Court where, if all has gone well, he reads and signs a declaration the gist of which is that he will be a good Clerk for the next year!  Members will be delighted to know that all went well and the Clerk is on board for the next year!

Then two apprentices were bound.  Members will have been aware of the blogs from the Royal Bindery Apprentices and on Tuesday Ellie Lanham and Matt Stockl came to the Hall with their Masters, Past Master Helen Esmonde and Liveryman Robin Shearmur respectively to be bound.  The Ceremony is simple but harks back to an age when the apprentices were placed under Masters with the permission of their parents so both Ellie and Matt's fathers took part.  Each apprentice was presented with the traditional gift of a Bible and a Book of Common Prayer and we look forward to Ellie and Matt finishing their apprenticeship and coming back to be made Free.

In the photo you can see from Left to right Matt Stockl, Liveryman Robin Shermur, Ellie Lanham and Past Master Helen Esmonde.

Finally there were four cloathings. The new Liverymen are: (from L-R in the photo)

Cloathing Apr 2018

Rosemary Carpenter - retired journalist

Neil Richardson- retired lecturer at London College of Communication and former advisor to the Treasury on paper supply

John Rogers - retired Graphic Designer

Oliver Urquhart Irvine - the Librarian, and Assistant Keeper of the Queen's Archive







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