Many of you will remember the email which the then Master Nick Steidl sent to all members in March 2018 about the Give as you Live scheme.  Now, as you are all no doubt starting out on your Christmas  shopping, Past Master Tom Hempenstall who is Deputy Chairman of the Hall Fundraising Committee, asks you all again to consider using the scheme because it will a) raise funds for the Hall and b) be good evidence that the members of the Company are committed to fundraising which will stand the Company in good stead when it applies for grants for the Hall Development project.   

The Give as you Live  scheme, ,  however  is cost-free to the donor and to the Stationers’ Hall Charity and has already raised over £9.3m for other UK charities. Please click on the link above for further information.

It is a simple process to register and then select the Stationers’ Hall Charity as your chosen good cause.  Then when you shop online you click on the “Give as you Live” link or App on your smartphone before choosing the shopping site you wish to visit from the more than 4200 listed.  Because you are being redirected to your favourite shopping sites by Give as you Live, the latter earns a commission which it shares 50:50 with your chosen charity.  Some popular sites like Amazon pay 1.5% of the transaction value whereas more specialist stores pay as much as 10%.

Please look at this exciting opportunity and consider routing your future online transactions through Give as you Live.  Taking up this initiative means that the sums accruing to the Stationers’ Hall Charity will soon accumulate.  

You do not need to be a member of the Company to designate our charity as a good cause so please encourage your family, friends and colleagues to consider lending their support by sharing this link.  It won’t cost them a penny but will make an enormous difference to the monies raised.

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