Alexandria Wreggelsworth has invited livery members to an upcoming benefit concert, which is the start of a year long project that will finish her current postgraduate studies.

Starting around February/March 2020, she and three other musicians, alongside the Song in the City Charity Trust, will be working together to create professional recordings of all the art songs of American Composer, Charles T. Griffes. These recordings will then be put on a website of their own design, to be used as future educational resources for current and future musicians. This website is intended to introduce the world to the composer and will continue to work towards recording all his musical catalogue in future years to come. For now, they are working on his art songs, many of which have been left unrecorded and forgotten. 

On 23 April 2020, they will give a concert through the Guildhall School of Music and Drama to perform a selection of these songs. Also  included will be some dramatic readings of his diary entries which  will also be used on the European debut of the website.

In order to achieve something of this magnitude, they are hosting a benefit concert on 9 November, 2019 at St. Marylebone church, to raise the funds necessary to move forward with this project.

More information and an invitation to attend members should log in to the Members Only area and then click here where they will find a link to a fully-detailed invitation. 

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