The Stationers’ Company is passionate about Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy and members will be very keen to know more about you, your way of thinking and your plans...

Q: What was it about teaching that first made you think "That’s the career for me!"?

A: To be honest I'd planned to become a Lawyer, or a modern Russian Historian. I decided upon a PGCE after my History degree so that I could teach and earn a living, whilst I learnt Russian and sought further qualifications. However, pretty much instantly when I began

teaching in a challenging secondary school in Croydon in July 1999, I knew I had found my vocation and wanted to make a difference. 

Q: What attracted you to the job at Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy?

A: The opportunity and privilege to follow on from the work of Michael Murphy and the staff, and lead our Academy to its next phase of development and improvement which is hugely exciting.

Q: Livery companies have a long and distinguished tradition of supporting education. How do you see the role of the Stationers' Company within Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy?

A: Unique and exciting. The passion and commitment for the Academy is tangible. I see the continuation and development of the additional opportunities you are providing in careers, mentoring, work experience, bursaries and student support. I see the continuation and development of the benefits and of the huge resource of time, expertise and knowledge that the Stationers bring. I see the growth in new areas, like the establishment of a Royal Marine Cadet force. Plus, of course, the coming to fruition of the Digital Media Centre and the development of the Digital curriculum too. That will become our USP. 

Q: Newspapers and books do you read them in print or on a tablet or e-book reader?

A: A combination of all three, with a bias towards the digital media.

Q: Have you ever been really impressed by the way in which something was packaged? What was it that impressed you?

A: I love gadgets and think the way Apple packages its products is impressive. Neat, practical, functional, innovative and very aesthetically pleasing. 

Q: TV, boxed-set, cinema or YouTube?

A: The first three. The last occasionally, but can become very distracting and time-consuming. 

Q: Fountain pen or ball point?

A: Fountain pen (or pen stylus on my Surface!)

Q: They may not have worn tights or donned masks and capes in telephone boxes but there have been people in the Communications and Content Industries through the ages who have really changed the world. Who would you nominate as a Communications and Content superhero?

A: Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, the English inventor of the World Wide Web. Not just because of the pioneering work and revolutionary impact, but also because of his selfless attitude and generosity and because he calls for free access for all and for the neutrality of the internet. 

Look out for the full interview with David Millar in the next edition of Stationers' News!

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