Sallying forth in their first foray from Stationers’ Hall, the ‘Young and Stationery’ quiz team captured bronze in the inter-livery quiz evening held at Pewterers’ Hall the 7th April.  Under Warden Kevin Dewey led out this horde of intrepids, shoulder-to-shoulder on the quiz pitch with former Renter Warden Eric Davies, and captaining, this correspondent, a humble fresh-faced liveryman cloathed but two days before.

The rules permitted the Company ringers, and the Stationers rang with the best: Miss Katharine Schöpflin, head of knowledge and information management at the Houses of Parliament; Dr Emma Jones, a KCL researcher, Tower Hamlets councillor and as yet the only person to cry when chucked from the Weakest Link; and BBC archivist Wilf Weston, who rarely cries. 

Leading in the first round, slipping to second in the second and then, reckoning silver a base metal and thing of scorn, the side chose to chance all on the all-or-nothing round, and ended with bronze.  They will retain as a battle honour the banner (see photo) made by organiser Eleanor Brown of the Pewterers, festooned with the Company’s arms and a portrait of a tot engaged in the sale of newspapers.

Determined with resolve and derring-do to better this result, the Young and Stationery will next enter the 14th September quiz tournament at St Bride's, Fleet Street.

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