20th Century

In 1931 the newly founded Company of Newspaper Makers was incorporated in The Stationers' Company and in 1937 a new Royal Charter was granted to "The Worshipful Company of Stationers' and Newspaper Makers".

A Livery Committee was formed in 1920 to provide a link between the Court, the governing body, and 450 liverymen. Registration under the Copyright Act of 1911 finally terminated in December 1923. In the following year the Company established a new Register in which books and Fine Arts could be registered for the purpose of record and provide printed proof of ownership in case of infringement. (See Copyright).

The Company Today

Traditional ceremonies continue to be held and qualifications for entry have been altered to accommodate new disciplines and new circumstances.

The Trade and Industry Forum has broadened its activities while maintaining its close contacts with employers' organisations and other professional bodies engaged in the Trades of our Guild: mounting each year a number of lectures and seminars on subjects of current interest to members.

A Charity Fund established in 1961 is used for making grants to the trade benevolent societies and other institutions, for general educational purposes and to supplement grants to pensioners and there is a constant striving to increase the amount of resources we are able to devote to this worthy purpose.

The income from the capital raised from selling the site of the Stationers' School is disbursed through an Educational Charity for young people of 25 and under who require financial assistance in training and education in our Trades of the Guild.

The Worshipful Company
of Stationers
and Newspaper Makers

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