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The Shine School Media Awards have been created to

  • recognise young creative talent
  • ♣ develop literacy, publishing and business skills
  • foster teamwork
  • ♣ encourage a respect for copyright
  • ♣ encourage informed awareness of environmental and sustainability issues
  • ♣ Provide a Learning resource on publishing and related topics

Inspiring through recognition

Developed by the 600-year-old Stationers’ Livery Company in the City of London, the awards are for schools in England and Wales. Producing a publication may be a suitable project for inclusion in some coursework directed at developing skills for the creative and cultural industries.  See for example  (http://www.nocn.org.uk/qualifications/art-and-design-qualifications).          

Inspiring through media: creating a newspaper, magazine or digital product can motivate young people to learn and to achieve in other areas of their development

Inspiring through learning: media teaching resources are available through the Shine School Media Awards website for pupils and teachers

Inspiring through workshops and seminars

Teachers Quotes Shine 2015

I thought I'd take this opportunity to thank you for the nominations and award. The day was breathtaking, exciting and thrilling for our young people. They were overwhelmed by the venue, the other entries and the free lunch!! A couple had sensory overload - they found it difficult to cope in the environment, but found ways to deal with their behaviour by using an iPad, scribbling in the pad you provided and playing flappy bird!

We will treasure the cup for a year and are going to start the second issue next week - no doubt Shine will feature! We would like to send a press release to our contacts at the Southampton Daily Echo, The Hampshire Chronicle and Herald. Do you have access to the official photos? If so - could we get hold of them to add to the press release? 

Also, we were discussing about #Osborne being a catalyst for other Special schools to enter. Perhaps we could work together to get this started. The kids love this new magazine, and it would be great for other special schools to do the same. Sending a copy of the magazine to all the special schools with an application form for 2016's competition would really ignite this. Maybe it’s something we should look into.

In conclusion, thank you and thank you to all who helped us. We are so happy, the kids are buzzing and Thomas has already started rounding up the troops!!

Ben Dlugokecki, Osborne School


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the whole Shine team for such a great day on Monday.  It was a fitting end to the year of hard work the students had put in and they had a really fantastic experience.

Is there any way we could get hold of the photos of the St Olave’s students taken on the day to promote the Shine awards on our website?

Siobhan, Saint Olave’s Grammar School


Thank you and your team for making The Voyager Academy so welcome at the awards ceremony today; it was brilliantly run.

It was a fantastic event, and the students (many of whom are from quite disadvantaged backgrounds) were thrilled with the day, and inspired by the awards and recognition they received. They will be back next year- with bigger and bolder entries!

Thanks for the introduction and your guidance over the past few months.

Andy Rice, The Voyager Academy


Just a quick note to say a very big thank you for all of your work today. The girls from Headington had a great time: they loved the workshops and have gone away with tones of ideas for next year's issue of Hotspot. It was lovely to see Osborne School take the Harrison Cup at the end.

Steve, Headington School


What you do organising the event is awesome. It is very much appreciated by all of us at Bablake and really gives the team a focus for their project.

Mark Woodward, Bablake School

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