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The Stationers' Company
The City of London Livery Company for the Communications and Content Industries


The Stationers’ Company is a City of London livery company with an ancient heritage and a modern outlook that supports the communication and content industries through fellowship, education, training and charitable endeavour.

The Company has set out its Purpose, Vision and Values, which include firm statements on diversity and inclusion. The Company recognises that it will only thrive and grow, contributing both to its industries and to the life of the City of London, if it attracts the widest possible pool of talent. It acknowledges with pride that one of its earliest and most influential members, Wynkyn de Worde (d. 1534), was an immigrant from Germany, and the fact that women have been members of the Company since 1933. In 2022, the Company re-opened its Hall after a major development programme which ensures step-free access for all.

The Company aims to reflect the diversity of the industries from which its membership is drawn. A Diversity Working Group was established in 2021, and conducted, with the help of an external researcher, a survey of the membership. This survey established a profile of the membership in terms of ethnicity; gender; gender identity; sexual orientation; age; and religion. A comparison with similar surveys across our industries
established that the membership of the Company is less diverse, particularly in regard to ethnicity and gender, than its industries. The results of the survey and comparative work were presented to the Court and the full membership of the Company.

The Company therefore now pledges that it will endeavour to:

• Attract new members of all backgrounds from within its industries, reaching out actively to individuals and groups who are under-represented, especially in terms of ethnicity and gender, and allowing individuals who do not have contacts in the Company to apply for membership

• Ensure that members of all backgrounds are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the Company; to join Committees; to propose and initiate activities which reflect their interests; and to progress to the Court

• Consider the balance of speakers and contributors at all Company events, aiming to ensure that there is a diversity of contribution, especially in terms of ethnicity and gender, and that new voices are heard

• Consider the format and pricing of Company events, aiming to ensure that there is a range of price points, timings and styles which will attract members and guests of many backgrounds and ages

• Make wide use of technology to enable access to Company events for those not able to attend in person

• Consider the language and imagery used in describing the Company’s life and events, aiming to ensure that members of all backgrounds feel included and represented, and that those looking at the Company from outside see that diversity is welcomed and an inclusive approach is natural

• Monitor annually at the Court the Company’s progress on diversity and inclusion, including by repeating the survey every three years, and making informed comparisons with similar surveys in our industries.



Moira Sleight
Master 2022-2023