Making changes in any Livery Company can be dangerous and normally Clerks try to avoid doing it!

However, as almost all our fellow Livery Companies have now dropped the somewhat ponderous and long-winded 'The Worshipful Company of ...' in their titles and modernised to 'The ...'s Company', our Marketing Advisory Committee recommended that we adopted 'The Stationers' Company' as our title in place of 'The Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers'. One of the first places that we made the change was on the new website.

We have have now taken this one step further with the introduction of much cleaner and more modern looking letterheads and compliment slips. You can see the general theme in the photograph above. We have also adopted 'Open Sans Light' as our new house font and we hope that the new corporate image, combined with the new font, will make our letters look cleaner and crisper.

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The Worshipful Company
of Stationers
and Newspaper Makers

Stationers' Hall
Ave Maria Lane
London EC4M 7DD

Telephone: 020 7248 2934
Fax: 020 7489 1975