I have restructured the office slightly to improve our use of resources.


Over the past six months since I started as Clerk, it has become clear to me that we need to devote more staff resources to our relationship with the outside world. This largely to address the gap left by the departure of our Business Development Manager, Simon Smallwood. We also have some spare resource in that I need much less secretarial support than my predecessor.


To reflect this, I have made two roles redundant: Clerk's PA and Office Manager and Membership Secretary; and created two new roles: Office and Membership Manager and Communications Manager. I am delighted to announce that Mandi Moore has applied for the former and Deborah Rea for the latter.


In her new role, Mandi takes on responsibility for looking after all existing individual members, looking after the membership database, managing the Master & Wardens Committee and Court and managing the administration of the office. She will also look after the welfare work of the Stationers' Foundation.


Deborah will retain responsibility for finding new members and looking after Corporate Members but she takes on responsibility for PR and Press Relations, our relationship with Trade Associations and our industries in general and sponsorship. She will also look after the educational work of the Stationers' Foundation.


All other roles are largely unchanged although Helen Ashworth, as Event Manager, will take on responsibility for managing the Master's diary. You can download a copy of the revised office structure here.


I have also asked each member of staff to take on responsibility for acting as Secretary to one or more of the Company's Committees. This meets an objective set in the 2008 Strategic Review. Staff responsibility for committees will now be as follows:


Clerk:  Court, Master & Wardens Committee, Nominations Committee, Committee Chairmen's Group

Registrar (Bert Abel):  Investment Review Sub-Committee

Commercial Manager (Susana de Sousa):  Hall & Heritage Committee

Event Manager (Helen Ashworth):  Livery Committee

Communications Manager (Deborah Rea):  Industry Group, Membership Development Committee, Corporate Membership Sub-Committee


I am certain that the revised structure will make the office better able to meet the needs of members and deliver the strategic objectives that the Company has set. I hope that you will join with me in wishing the staff the very best of success in their changed roles and will support them as they cope with the change over the coming few months.


Thank you!


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