Ages ago, we received a very good suggestion at the Women's Networking Group meeting at the Hall. This was that we put on the website lists of all people attending upcoming events. The idea is that by knowing in advance who is attending an event will help members get the best of out the networking opportunities that the event affords them.


I have at last managed to sort out a system for achieving this.


I have added a new page to the members-only section of the site entitled 'Attendance at Company Events' and this page includes a list of upcoming company events with downloadable lists of attendees at each of them. So far I have only got one list available - the one for the NewMembers Evening on Monday evening. But it is a start! And I promise to get more lists up as soon as possible.


This has taken a bit of effort, but it is a good idea so - please - use it! And, of course as always, let me what you think.



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