Stationers' Crown Woods Academy

SCWA Buildings 2 Dec14

Stationers' Crown Woods Academy (SCWA) opened in September 2014 when Crown Woods College became an academy and joined Leigh Academies Trust. Completely rebuilt in May 2011 and based on the principles of 'human scale education', SCWA consists of four 'home' schools.

It is now in the process of integrating the latest digital technology into the curriculum and developing a multimedia centre to broaden the range of opportunities for all pupils and to develop the skills necessary in those young people who wish to take up careers in the Content and Communications industries.


The four Stationers' Governors of Stationers'Crown Woods Academy (SCWA) have produced their report for the Summer Term.  Click here to read it in full.  It is exciting to note that Photography and Film Studies are two new subjects starting at GCSE this September. Equipment for both of these has been funded by the Foundation.

As the end of term, and indeed the academic year, draws near we were delighted to receive the third issue of the SCWA newsletter,The Crown, which is full of all sorts of stories and images (some of which feature the Stationers' Company) and we hope that you will take the time to click here and read it in full.

Congratulations to all SCWA pupils who took part in the Greenwich Singing Spectacular at the Royal Festival Hall on 2 July.

The Master really enjoyed it and blogged about it here!

The Master, Ian Locks was, extraordinarily,  given responsibility for a gun on 26 June 2015.  Happily it was simply the starting pistol for the staff race at the SCWA Sports Fest, see photos below.  Staff numbers seemed to be the same after the race as before so all went well.

Congratulations to these SCWA pupils who joined with 250 other students to play Beethoven's Fifth with the Hanover Band on St Pancras station on 17 June 2015 to celebrate the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo. This educational project was supported by the Foyle Foundation.  Past Master Noel Osborne and the Master were there to see  the spectacle and enjoy the music.  The Master has blogged about it here and click here to see pictures submitted  by Sarah French, Head of Music, Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy. 

Hot off the presses, a summary of the many activities with which they are involved, and contributions made by, Freemen and Liverymen of the Company.  Click here to read.


The four Stationers' Governors of Stationers'Crown Woods Academy (SCWA) have produced their report for the Spring Term.  Click here to read it in full but one extremely exciting snippet is that as of 1 April 2015 Past Master Kevin Dewey is the Chairman of the Governors. This is a huge responsibility and all Stationers will want to wish him well in shouldering it.

Stationers' Crown Woods Academy's latest Newsletter is out and it is wonderful to see the wide range of activities at the school as well as how many of them are supported by or include representatives from the Company.  To read the newsletter in full please click here.

The Company owe a great debt of gratitude to the many who have taken part in the first year of Stationers' Crown Woods Academy by way of generous donations, gifts in kind and of course a great deal of valuable time.

Liveryman Graham Baulch of Graphic Dealers Ltd has very kindly organised  a brand new 3D printer for William Morris School for Art and Design Technology and Liveryman Nigel Southey of Colyer London provided it.  Nigel also went along to the school to install it and give training its use.

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