On a day which was jam packed with activity as far as the Company is concerned it was good to start the early Court meeting with a Freedom Ceremony.  This is extremely unusual as the Freedom ceremonies

usually take place at Master and Wardens' meetings but the new Freeman, Keith Wallach, hails from New York and was able to make this date so we were very glad to be flexible.  He brought his parents, wife and some family friends with him and they were all able to enjoy the ensuing "Bubble" celebrations.  We were also delighted to see Mark Broadbent and Dominic Graham cloathed.  On a morning rather dominated by travel difficulties caused by the wind Mark and his wife had set out at just after 4.00 am from Yorkshire to ensure that he was at the Hall on time. With Mark's arrival in the Livery the Northern contingent grows by one and with Dominic's the percentage of members under 40 rises considerably! In the photo you can see from L-R Mark, Keith and Dominic.

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