Sunday 17 September dawned a bit grey if the truth be told and the slow start to the day, we thought, could be attributed to that and the heightened level of security following the Parson's Green incident on the previous Friday.  

Phil Ellaway

The flow through from Reception, via the Crush Landing, the Stock Room, the Hall and the Court Room to the Garden was steady, however, and increased as the day progressed.  The Garden looked lovely

Reg Eccles Crush Landing

and visitors were grateful to have the chance to sit there over a cup of tea or coffee (provided by relays of willing helpers) and ponder what they had seen.

The merchandise stall did steady business selling books, Christmas cards and notelets.  Happily, it didn't rain but that meant not one umbrella was sold!  Those who timed their visit for the afternoon were able finish by popping in to see St Martin within Ludgate via the garden door..

While the rate of visitors did pick up over the course of the day and there seemed always to be a queue

Queue 2017

at the main door I think we were all amazed to find that the total number who had been to see the Hall (1480) had surpassed last year's total.

A huge thank you to all those people who volunteered their time and energy to help.  Our visitors were met with warmth plus facts about the Company and the Hall which led to so many of them commenting on how much they had enjoyed their time with us.

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