Members of the Company and guests gathered for the first DMG of the new year on 15 January 2018. Some 120 people attended and heard a fascinating panel address the topic of Artificial Intelligence – Our Future: The Impact on the Content and Communication Industries. It was chaired by Inma Martinez (seen in the centre of the photo), a Liveryman at the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists.

She allowed the four panelists (L-R either side of Inma in the photo) Mark Bunting - Media & Technology Policy Advisor, Communications Chambers, Oxford Internet Institute, Jay Liu - Chief Data Scientist at Digital-Dandelion, Inma Martinez - Chairman, David Tomchak - Director of Digital, Editorial at London Evening Standard and Nick Coveney - Digital Innovation Director at HarperCollins Publishers, each to  have their say, asked questions that forced further clarification and brought the whole together. It was a fascinating evening during which all those attending will have learnt something (it is a huge topic and goes far beyond driverless cars and Amazon's suggestions of other products you might like to buy!). There will be more in depth coverage of the discussion in the next issue of Stationers'News but meanwhile one amusing thought to ponder when the new GDPR regulations come into force in May 2018 is would Alexa have a meltdown should an individual ask for all the data Alexa holds on that individual within the required deadline as set out under GDPR!

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