Mike Paterson, Director of London Historians, has written a blog about the once proposed livery hall for the Company of Newspaper Makers. You can read the blog here. Members will remember that an image of how the building was going to look was used as part of the promotional material for this year's Archive Evening which Mike attended. It is a stunning image of what would have been a stunning building and worth showing again here!

NMC Brochure


It was published as the cover of a  brochure, c 1931, documenting the constitution of the Newspaper Makers Company and the plans for constructing a Company Hall. The tower of the new Hall was to ‘rise to a height of 277 feet [approx. 84m] from the pavement’, which would have made it the highest commercial building in the City of London at the time.  It is odd to think that it would today be well and truly looked down upon by the new generation of tall buildings in The City many of which are more than double that height!

The Worshipful Company
of Stationers
and Newspaper Makers

Stationers' Hall
Ave Maria Lane
London EC4M 7DD

Telephone: 020 7248 2934
Fax: 020 7489 1975