Common Hall took place yesterday afternoon, 2 July 2019, and members of the Company heard a report from the outgoing Master on the Company’s year in general and from Committee Chairmen about action and progress in their areas of specific responsibility.  Members can read those committee reports by logging in to the Members Only area of this website and then clicking here

Once the business of Common Hall was completed the installation of the new Master took place with the new Under and Upper Wardens, Robert Flather and the Right Reverend Dr Stephen Platten making their declarations first.  The new Master, Trevor Fenwick, then read his declaration and the outgoing Master placed the chain of office round Trevor’s neck.  Our congratulations go to Trevor and our best wishes for a happy, busy and successful year.

In the photo you can see from L-R the Right Reverend Dr Stephen Platten (Upper Warden), Trevor Fenwick (Master) and Robert Flather (Under Warden).

In all the excitement it is easy to forget that another very important handover takes place immediately after the Master’s installation and that is that the outgoing Master becomes Immediate Past Master, now David Allan’s title, and the Immediate Past Master becomes a Past Master and thus Nick Steidl finished four years of top level service to the Company having started  as Under Warden in 2015.  The ceremony expresses the Company’s gratitude for the hard work undertaken during those four years of service and we reiterate those thanks to Nick here.

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