Whether you’re attracting a customer or a potential partner on a date, you have to make a good first impression. In dating, you practice your best jokes, dress nicely and smile. In business, you create a super sexy lead magnet.

A lead magnet is how you can create an unforgettable first impression on your potential customer, i.e. that glistening smile of attraction that makes someone approach you at a bar.

With the right lead magnet, you are endowed to attract as many ideal customers as you can handle. You tell them, “I’m willing to give you this super sexy lead magnet in exchange for your name and email address.”

You can only make a first impression once and you want your first impression to blow people’s minds, so here are four top tips from the dating world that can help you create happier customers and increased sales from the very first impression!

Make it about them, not about you!

Nothing’s worse than going on a date with someone who just jabbers on for ages about themselves while you sit there waiting to get a word in…

It’s the same with your prospective clients and customers.

Don’t be a pushy salesperson by forcing them to look at the things you want them to look at. Set yourself apart from the crowd by turning the tables from you and your offer, to them and their challenges. Ask lots of open-ended questions and work out together whether you’re the best match for each other.

Dress the part and be aligned

Ladies, consider for a moment who you would rather go out with – the dude who just rolled out of bed and shows up late with messy hair and creased clothing, or the guy who gets there five minutes early to wait at a table for you and is wearing a cleanly pressed suit?

What about the dating profile of the hot guy who ends up being forty pounds heavier and ten years older than his picture? Doesn’t false representation make you want to run the other way?!

As a business owner, regardless of whether you have an online business or brick and mortar, appearances matter and first impressions go a long way. This goes for your outer appearance as the representative of your company as for your website, newsletter and even your email signature.

Take the time to ask yourself: are the elements of how you present yourself all in alignment with each other, or are you giving mixed messages?

It’s the little things that go a long way, so make the effort!

Find common ground

People feel more comfortable around you if they feel you are similar to them in some way. On a date, if a guy is really listening, he’ll bring up a topic you mentioned earlier and find a clever way to connect it to something in his life.

For example: you said you love the theatre. He says, “My best friend is an actor and he works in the West End. Have you ever been to the West End? You might have seen one of his shows!” To you, this shows he is listening, reflecting and engaging with your interests.

It’s the same when you’re doing business. Do your research! The internet is filled with information about everything and everyone. You can find out all sorts of interesting facts about your prospective customer or company. It’s why Google was invented! Get stalking*!

* – Not literally, please, or we’ll get in trouble.

Be transparent from the start

When relationships end, often you will hear a person say “I thought we were in love. I don’t understand why this is happening…” Sadly, this person has set unrealistic expectations for their relationship.

Whether in one’s personal life, or in business, it’s all about setting clear expectations and laying it all out on the table so everyone knows what they are getting into. That way, you can avoid all the heartache of discovering that your wannabe partner doesn’t have any of the same long term interests as you such as having children, or getting married.

It’s the same in business. You have to know what you can offer a prospect, explain yourself clearly, and then follow through with your offers and promises.

You need to clearly demonstrate what your prospect would experience when working with you.


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