There is no doubt that mobile has become a huge platform for consumers to view content. Over 90% of consumers now view their mobile as a channel for streaming information, it is no longer just an electronic device. So what has changed?

In the past it was a case that 'one size fits all', content was only viewed on print media, it then evolved to be seen on TV and broadcasting, however, modern technology has made this very complex. There are different gadgets, screen sizes and orientations to consider! With this in mind it is surprising that only 12% of email newsletters are using responsive design. Mobile technology changes the way we work and the way we disseminate information. Thus, businesses are evolving their marketing tools and involving more responsive design (e.g. e-flyers) to get their message across to their consumers.

Our marketing intern Iqraa attended a recent breakfast session held by Dotmailer at their head office to understand how to create an effective email campaign. Three great speakers took the stage and showed the audience some quick wins. Here are the key findings:

dotmailer speakers

A Few Helpful Tips

Did you know it takes a consumer only 3 seconds to decide if they are going to engage with an email, this is halved when looking at a mobile! Here are a few quick tips to help make your email stand out:

• Make your ‘from’ name clear and succinct 
• A pre-header is very useful: Use it as a second subject line. (Keep in mind if your email starts with a picture or a link, the user will see html code which is not what you want!)
• Make your call to action big, bold and easy to find.
• Test your email on major platforms used by your audience e.g. an iPhone or tablet and use responsive design to make sure it appears in the correct format.
• Think minimal. Bullet points, actions and core information should be used.
• Landing pages should load quickly, try testing your landing page to see how long it takes on your mobile device with 3G, 4G and wireless internet.

Myth Busting 

Plain text emails are good for an inbox and will not be detected as spam: Wrong, there is no way to track your click rate. Links and pictures are good features to use in a campaign.
Having many links will help delivery of an email: This is also a myth, the ISP will not measure or track where a user goes, especially in Google mail. However what this will do is drive consumers towards your site and send them to a clear landing page.
The subject line should not exceed a certain amount of words: Platforms don’t care! Recipients look at the subject line, therefore it is a user that decides if they like your content, not an email provider, so make your content engaging.

The Logistics
• Use click-able phone numbers and email addresses
• Avoid using ‘flash’
• JPEG images work best – not PNG’s


If you are interested in mobile technology come along to our next Digital Media Group event, ‘How mobile technology is affecting the trades of the Company’ on Monday, 15 February. Speakers including Dave Fletcher, Ben Perkins and Christian Broughton will provide insights into mobile changes and show you real life examples of how mobile technology is changing the trades of the Company. Click here to find out more about the event.

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