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Bound Sheet Almanacs, featuring engraved headpieces, 1835-1896 (4 volumes)

Work required:

Option A: Minor repairs, dry-cleaning and consolidation of leather

Option B : Detach sheets from binding, remove creases, place in melinex sleeves and store flat in purpose-made boxes This is the preferred option because it would make digitisation and possible commercial exploitation of the sheet almanacs possible.  In their current bindings photography is generally extremely difficult and it is impossible to photograph an entire sheet.

Option A: £1,750 per volume
Option B: £7,000 per volume
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Qvinti Horatii Flacci - Poemata, 1606.

Work required:

Text Block: light dry cleaning; 15 corner repairs.

Binding: lacings and joints requiring attention; plus endbands.
Estimate: £300.

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The Taming of a Shrew
The First Quarto 1594.
A Facsimile by Photolithography 1886.

Work required:

Binding: spine consolidation; reback and remount.
Estimate: £250.

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The Freemasons’ Calendar: or an Almanac For the Year of Christ 1776.
Printed for the Company of Stationers.

Work required:

Text Block: resew; dry clean; minor paper repairs.
Binding: discard old reback; reback; new leather corners; finishing of leather.
Estimate: £650 - £800.

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The Practice of Divine Love Revised: Being an Exposition of the Church Catechism 1718

Work required:

Binding: reattach front cover; attention to the corners of the binding.
Estimate: £450.

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A Concise History of the Origin and Progress of Printing
by Phillip Luckombe, 1770, First Edition.

Work required:

Text Block: light dry clean; 10 edge paper repairs.
Binding: reattach joints; reback spine; mount corners on front and back cover.
Estimate: £500.

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The History of Printing in Two Parts
by P Luckombe, MTA, 1771.

Work required:

Text Block: light dry cleaning.

Binding: minimum attention to joints to hold front cover to spine.
Estimate: £200 - £300.

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Inspeximus Exemplification of 10 August 1667 of English Stock Letters Patent of 29 October 1603.

Work required:

Provision of a conservation grade Charter Box.

Relaxing and cleaning Charter; fitting to Charter Box.
Estimate: repair to Charter and fitting into box £500.

The Matchless Orinda

Poems by the most deservedly Admired Mrs Katherine Philips The matchless Orinda

Printed by J M for [Stationer] H Herringman, 1667


Goldsmith, An Almanack for the Year of our Lord God, MDCCXXXV

Calculated by John Goldsmith

Printed by W Pearson for the Company of Stationers 1735

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