Martha Lane Fox’s Inspirational Online Challenge


Britain can have a remarkably successful digital future if business, government and the voluntary sector rise to the challenge of new information technology, Martha Lane Fox told  a capacity audience of senior executives from the Communications industry at Stationers’ Hall on 15 March, promoting the enormous rewards to be gained from a fully inclusive online society.   The whole country would benefit through cost savings, new business opportunities and more efficient social services.

“The internet can be a weapon in fighting poverty.  It can save lives and it can change lives.  For the disabled, the homeless and the hopeless, it offers exciting possibilities for self-help and education.  It can build personal skills, encourage entrepreneurship and create new businesses.  Technology is at the heart of it all.” she declared. Listing the challenges to each sector, Lane Fox called on the financial community to make it easier for young entrepreneurs to find start-up funding, the government to streamline its online services for citizens, and the charitable sector to improve its efficiency through IT systems. 

The Lecture was followed by a question and answer session which was moderated by BBC Business Correspondent Peter Day.  In answering questions Lane Fox said the future of media, particularly digital media, would depend on the quality of its content.  Trusted brands would survive, she predicted, although not necessarily in traditional paper form.

The event was sponsored by  Stationers' Company Corporate Members,  BNP Paribas.

Please click here to view the edited text of Martha Lane Fox's lecture. 

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