The Digital Media Group of the Stationers’ Company provides a focus for those within the 900 strong community of Freemen and Liverymen engaged in new media activities.

  • The number of Stationers who are involved with Digital activity is growing all the time as our traditional industries become affected by digital activity and especially the internet.

  • The DMG holds regular meetings throughout the year which address the 'hot' issues affecting us all.

  • DMG events are open to anyone involved in Digital Media from within the Company and outside.

  • Anyone attending a DMG event is most welcome to apply to join the Stationers' Company as a member. See here for more details.

  • All meetings will be held either in Stationers' Hall or the neighbouring St Martin within Ludgate Church depending on the number of attendees.

Please click here to see a list of the upcoming DMG Roundtable Events. 


For further information please contact James Duckenfield, the DMG Coordinator, who can be found on:


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