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All members of the Stationers’ Company under the age of 40, and holders of the Stationers’ Company bursaries, are automatically considered Young Stationers. They are represented by the Young Stationers’ Committee, which provides a forum for young people from the Communications and Content industries to meet both professionally and socially, to raise awareness of the activities of the Company amongst the Young Stationers, and to represent the needs and interests of the Young Stationers amongst the wider Company. The Young Stationers’ Committee is co-chaired by Ella Kahn and Lewis Stevenson, with other members representing all of the Company’s industry trades, including both bursary recipients and established young professionals. Young Stationers’ Committee members also serve as representatives on others of the Company’s voluntary committees to provide input and insight into the Young Stationers’ activities and ideas, including the Membership Development Committee, the Livery Committee, the Industries Committee and the Marketing Advisory Committee.

There are many opportunities for Young Stationers’ to get involved with the wider life of the Company beyond, of course, attending the many wonderful Company events. Young Stationers’ are encouraged to participate in the interview process for Bursary Recipients and to act as mentors to both Bursary Recipients and students at the Crown Woods Academy. Young Stationers’ can volunteer to help out at Company events such as the Lord Mayor’s Day Parade lunch and the Open House London tours. We organise our own regular social events, such as pub meet-ups and museum trips, as well as participating in Inter-Livery events such as the annual Young Livery Pub Quiz, as well as highlighting those events in the main Company calendar that will be of most interest to the Young Stationers, and ensuring a lively attendance of younger members.

The Young Stationers’ Committee also organise the annual Young Stationers’ Prize, which was first launched in 2014. The Prize is awarded to someone who represents the high ideals of excellence in any of the Communications and Content industries which make up the Company’s membership; further awards are made to outstanding applicants in each Industry sector. The Prize is awarded every summer at the Young Stationers’ Black Tie Dinner – an opportunity to come together and celebrate the achievements and potential of our peers! You can read more about the Prize here

For more information about our latest activities and events, please keep an eye out for our monthly newsletter, sent automatically to all Young Stationers’, and follow us on Twitter ( and Instagram ( Get in touch with the Committee by emailing – we’re always happy to hear from you!


At the Young Stationers’ Annual Dinner on 8 July 2019, Amy Hutchinson, recently appointed CEO of BOSS, was awarded the Young Stationers’ Prize for 2019. In announcing the award Ella Kahn, Chairman of the Young Stationers' (YS) said:

“The judges were unanimous in their choice of Amy Hutchinson, who has demonstrated impressive achievement and extraordinary promise in her career! Amy has recently been appointed as CEO of the British Office Supplies and Services Federation, moving from her role as Marketing Director for the British Printing Industry Federation. At BPIF, she has played a key and leading role in developing, leading and implementing their highest profile projects, including a complete redesign and modernisation of BPIF’s online presence and driving their rebranding process. This resulted in dramatically increased traffic and engagement, leading to a spike in new membership applications and significant additional revenue. Notable achievements include her work on the National Apprenticeship Campaign, managing and designing all BPIF member communications, running multiple events a year – and again, significantly increasing engagement – and finding some spare time to consult for the Stationers’ Company’s Marketing Advisory Committee to boot. She takes up her role as the first female and youngest ever CEO of the 114-year-old BOSS Federation this week.”

In the photo below you can see, from left to right, the Master, Amy Hutchinson, Freeman Dr Shane Tilton (last year's winner handing over the award) and Freeman Ella Kahn, Chairman of the Young Stationers.

Master Amy Shane and Ella

In addition to the Young Stationers' Prize four Sector Awards were made

The award for the Office Products and Supplies sector went to Dan Coshall. Ella said:

“Dan is the Managing Director of Office Oracle, having worked his way up from an apprentice to becoming one of the company’s three partners in just 8 years. He single-handedly engineered Office Oracle’s ISO 9001 accreditation in 2017 and let the company through a successful review earlier this year. He is a passionate and caring leader and even finds time to do a boxing challenge to raise money for Cancer Research. The judges were impressed by his energy, enthusiasm and expertise, as well as the extremely high regard in which his colleagues and peers clearly hold him."

In the photo below you can see, from left to right, Dan receiving his certificate from the Master.

Dan with the Master


The award for Publishing, Digital & Design went to Dhara Snowden. Ella said:

“Dhara is a Senior Commissioning Editor at Rowman & Littlefield where she works on Politics, International Relations, and Security. She has made it a cornerstone of her publishing programme to give a platform to feminist, BAME, and non-Western scholarship for a wider audience in order to offer new perspectives, ideas and debate to issues facing our society, setting up a number of series including ‘Feminist Studies on Peace’ and publishing titles such as ‘Justice Unbound: Voices of Justice for the 21st Century’. This ambition extends beyond her day job; Dhara also acts as a Non-Executive Board Member for 404 Ink, an award-winning alternative, independent publisher established in 2016. The judges were impressed by her global outlook, the strength of her convictions and the positive, practical impact this has had on her publishing achievements, helping her team’s sales grow by nearly 50% in 2018."

In the photo below you can see, from left to right, Dhara, the Master and Ella.

Dhara Master and Ella   

The Print, Paper and Packaging award went to Freeman Lewis Stevenson. Lewis is the Head of Sales, Design and Marketing for Leeming Brothers Fine Stationery and has been running the company for nearly 5 years, having started his apprenticeship in fine stationery at parent company Empress Design & Print in 2010. His passion for keeping the arts of letterpress, die-stamping, and engraved stationery etc alive has led to him growing Leeming Brothers’ turnover and profits by 40%, and claiming new high-profile clients such as members of the Royal family, the Ritz, Chanel, and several of the Livery Companies! I am also honoured to call him my colleague on the Young Stationers’ Committee, where he ably supports our activities as well as sitting as a Young Stationers’ representative on the Livery Committee and the Industry Committee. The judges were impressed by his self-starting attitude, his dedication to providing a personal and professional client service, and the quality of his products."

In the photo below you can see Lewis Stevenson with his certificate.

Lewis Stevenson


Finally the award for Journalism and Communications was given to Freeman Neil Barrett. Neil is the founder and director of Enbecom, a company delivering web technology and communications services to clients in the UK and internationally. A notable client is TISPOL, the European Traffic Police Network, for whom Neil ran the communications campaign for their award-winning European Day Without A Road Death initiative in 2018, culminating in a 9 day, 8 country road trip across Europe to promote awareness of the campaign and road safety matters. He has also recently been making inroads into journalism, writing technology features for Good Motoring magazine. The judges were impressed by his entrepreneurial spirit, his ability to build relationships, and his commitment to innovation."

In the photo below you can see ,from left to right, the Master, Neil and Ella.

Master Neil and Ella


We congratulate Amy and all the Award Winners and wish them continued success in their careers.

On Monday 16 July the Young Stationers gathered at Stationers' Hall for their annual dinner. They had decided this year to focus on a rather larger number of awards plus the Young Stationers' Prize rather than have a guest speaker and it was a wonderful occasion when the achievements of six young people in the communications and content industries were recognised.  It should also be noted here that those receiving the awards were selected from very strong shortlists in each sector.

The winners of the five Sector Awards were:

Marie Cannon, Knowledge and Information Officer at Clifford Chance, received the
Young Stationers’ Award for Books and Archiving - In addition to developing her own career, the judges were impressed by her commitment to ongoing learning, and contribution to the development of librarianship through the likes of the Special Libraries Association (SLA) and Commercial, Legal & Scientific Information Group (CLSIG).

Marie DSC 0296


Salma Haidrani, Freelance Journalist, received the Young Stationers’ Award for Journalism and Communications for her writing which takes a fresh perspective on themes such as women’s rights and the role of culture and religion in today’s society, particularly within minority communities.

Salma DSC 0300


Callum Edwards, Digital Marketing Manager at Prima Software, received the Young Stationers’ Award for Office Products and Supplies for launching the Prima’s rebrand and integrated marketing campaign to much success.

CallumDSC 0308


Julie Chen, Co-Founder and Director at The Cheeky Panda, received the Young Stationers’ Award for Print, Paper, and Packaging for her radically new approach to papermaking, using bamboo to create a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional paper.

JuliaDSC 0313


Nina-Sophia Miralles, Co-Founder and Editor at Londnr, received the Young Stationers’ Award for Publishing, Digital, and Design.  Her award which was given for having achieved the launch of her own digital magazine, which is now approaching its first print issue. Nina’s award was collected on her behalf by Felix Lecoq.

Felix for Nina SophiaDSC 0316

The Winner of the overall Young Stationers' Prize was Freeman Dr Shane Tilton.  Dr Tilton is Assistant Professor of Multimedia Journalism at Ohio Northern University and in making this award the judges recognised his commitment to both his subject and his students, while acknowledging the number of awards that he had received from within the industry. These, they said, demonstrate his standing within both his academic subject and the broader industry.  The judges felt the need to acknowledge the importance of the all-round contributions made by Doctor Tilton not only in the educational sphere but also with regard to the benefits for students in terms of training and support in preparing them for the professional world.”  The main photo shows, from left to right,  Ian Buckley , last year's winner (who made the presentation of the pewter salver) the Master and Dr Tilton. 


On Monday, 25 July 2017 the plans of the YS committee came to fruition in their annual dinner held at the Hall.  Celebrated author and journalist from the Telegraph Liveryman Dr Simon Heffer was the speaker and commented on the need for skilled and professional, journalists and on how the Company is helping in this with its post-graduate bursary scheme on which he had enjoyed being a mentor.

Congratulations Ella Kahn and Bryony Woods, founders of Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency, who have been awarded the joint Young Stationers' Prize! The full press release can be read here and photos of the event can be viewed here.

Members will be interested to know that the judges for the Young Stationers' Prize have met and come up with a longlist.  

Nominations for the 2016 Young Stationers’ Prize are now closed. Any submissions now received will be counted towards next year’s prize.

Stationers, please consider nominating someone for the 2016 Young Stationer's Prize.

The prize recognises a young person who has achieved great success in their career; made an outstanding contribution to the sector in which they are working; or achieved success outside their immediate world of work in interesting ways which are relevant to the ethos and trades of the Worshipful Company Of Stationers and Newspaper Makers.

The Young Stationers gathered at the Oxford and Cambridge Club, in an uproar of reindeer hats and scarves, to devour turkey and eggnog and welcome Christian May, the new editor of City AM.

Young Stationers has entered its third year and is celebrating how far it has come. Membership has risen and ‘the State of the Young Stationers is strong’! The range of events has been a great success, from charity dinners to prestigious guest speakers.

For more information and an update on the state of the Young Stationers please click here.

The Young Stationers' Prize for 2015 was awarded to Angela Clarke at the YS Annual Dinner on Monday 20 July at Stationers' Hall.  Angela is known for her Confessions of a Fashionista but is also a highly regarded playwright and columnist.  Read the full announcement here.


What is it?

The Young Stationers’ Prize is awarded, annually, to a young person who, in the opinion of the judges, has achieved great success in their career; made an outstanding contribution to the sector in which they are working; or achieved success outside their immediate world of work in interesting ways which are relevant to the ethos and trades of the Stationers’ Company.

Past winners of The Young Stationers’ Prize have been Angela Clarke, novelist, playwright, and columnist; and Katie Glass, of the Sunday Times. Proxime accesserunt prizes have been awarded to Laura Summers, Rosamund Urwin, Nicholas Coveney and Andrew Barker.

Who should apply?

Nominations from all of the Stationers’ Trades are eligible, including but by not limited to: printing, packaging, publishing, digital media, journalism, libraries, archives and copyright.

Anyone can apply, or be nominated for The Young Stationers’ Prize – candidates who nominate themselves, or who are not already members of the Stationers’ Company will not be at a disadvantage.

To qualify for the prize, nominees should be under the age of 40 and able to demonstrate an interest in the activities of the Company, and have the attributes relevant to membership.

How does it work?

This year’s Judging Panel is Chaired by Sue Pandit, Court Assistant and governor of Stationers Crown Woods Academy, and will include representatives from the Stationers’ Trades, as well as the Young Stationers’ Committee.

The Worshipful Company of Pewterers has very kindly donated the Prize trophy, to reflect the close ties between the Pewterers and the Stationers. The names of each year’s prizewinners are engraved on the trophy. A book prize will be presented if the judges choose to award a ​proxime accessit ​or ​accesserunt.

The prize will be presented at the Young Stationers’ Annual Dinner in Stationers' Hall, on Monday, 18th July – and we particularly encourage all prize applicants to attend, together with family or colleagues. Tickets are available via the Stationers’ events page

How to apply?

Candidates or nominators can submit any supporting materials or specimens of work which they believe will strengthen their application, as a minimum, each application should include: a brief CV; a short statement by the nominator (or personal statement); and least one additional letter of reference

Applications may be sent by e­mail to, or by post to Young Stationers’ Prize, c/o Stationers' Hall, Ave Maria Lane, London EC4M 7DD. If sending by post, please consider also sending us email notification so as to avoid disappointment.

When to apply?

Applications are welcome at any time throughout the year, but any nominations received after Friday, 24th June 2016 will not be eligible for this year’s prize.


Nominations for the 2016 Young Stationers’ Prize are now closed. Any submissions now received will be counted towards next year’s prize.

We are extremely grateful to all of those who have submitted a nomination, our Judging Panel will now be reviewing the candidates’ applications and selecting the Short List and Winner, which will be announced at our Young Stationers’ Annual Dinner on Monday, 18 July.

This year’s Judging Panel is:

  • Sue Pandit (Chair) – Court Assistant and governor of Stationers Crown Woods Academy
  • Gordon Christiansen – Managing Director, Marketing SVP, Business Leader
  • Angela Clarke – last year’s Prize winner, author, playwright and columnist
  • Michael Gardner – Chief Executive, the BOSS Federation
  • Dominic Graham – Chairman, Young Stationers’ Committee
  • Emma Hartley – Livery Committee Representative, journalist, author and blogger
  • Charlotte Middleton – Young Stationers’ Committee representative
  • Sara Pink – Head of Guildhall and City Business, City of London Corporation

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